A1 Garden Sheds & Pigeon Lofts

Cheap affordable extremely durable Garden Sheds, storage sheds, chicken sheds  & pigeon lofts!

Basic 2.4m X 2,4m X 2m(steel frame, corrugated galvanised sheeting sides, and a pitch roof) from only R4,500!

Options can be added:

 painting(colour of your choice)/windows/open front/double walling!


What ever you need!

I will give you the best prices, service & quality products!


Contact Grant for a quote today!

Tel: 011 949 1250

e-mail: grant.jacobs@altonet.co.za


 Note: Delivery and erection not included in price. Flooring/preparing base/ground is the clients responsibility.Prices are subject to raw material pricing/availability. Construction is guaranteed for 2 years, but not against flooding, lightning, extreme wind conditions, earthquakes, unstable ground, insect/animal/human/vehicle damage. I will endeavour to to advise all clients of any risks associated with their individual needs/circumstances.